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Children’s Dental Care

Showing teeth model to young boyWe love helping children, from toddlers to teens. When they visit us, your child will be relaxed and comfortable—and you’re free to join them every step of the way.

Why Choose Us?

Good oral hygiene is so important in the early years, so we’ll make sure that your child has a positive dental experience, where they feel welcome, safe, relaxed and special.

Our goal at Southern Dental Care – Smile By Design is to give your child a beautiful, healthy and confident smile.

A Foundation Built on Prevention

Throughout your care, we educate children (and parents) on proper dental hygiene and diet, giving your family the tools you need to avoid common issues like tooth decay and dental emergencies. We show your child at an age-appropriate level how to clean and care for their teeth while also discussing things like nutritional choices that can affect their risk of tooth decay. In addition to routine checkups and cleanings, it’s possible to help lower your child’s chances of developing cavities with protective fissure sealants.

What Happens During a Child’s First Visit?

We like to keep your child’s first visit as relaxing and low key as possible. Usually, we have them sit in their parent’s lap and ride up and down in the dental chair. Then we’ll gently brush their teeth or help them get used to having someone else “count” their teeth or look into their mouth with a small mirror.

This simple visit helps to set the tone for your child’s future dental appointments. When they get to experience dental care in a non-threatening manner, it helps to reduce the risk of anxiety or phobia of the dentist’s office. Instead, they get to partake in oral health care in a calm and relaxing environment.

Book your child’s visit today. Enjoy comprehensive children’s dentistry at Southern Dental Care – Smile By Design.

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