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Root Canal

Woman with tooth acheSometimes, a cavity or crack reaches too far into a tooth to be repaired with a filling or crown. Endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) is a type of procedure that repairs the inside of a tooth, preventing additional deterioration and infection.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Usually people come to us for a root canal due to one of two reasons. Either they’re in pain because of an abscess, or something is annoying them but there are no significant symptoms.

If you need root canal therapy, there is an infection that has penetrated the nerve of your tooth. Typically, you’ll experience discomfort. To relieve the pressure and clean out the infection, a root canal procedure is necessary. The process involves having the infection cleaned out and the root canal sealed off.

Every step of your root canal will be fully explained to you before getting started. We’ll answer all of your questions so that you can proceed, feeling informed about your procedure.

Preserving Your Smile

Getting a timely root canal can help you avoid an unwanted tooth extraction (and future replacement). Treating active abscesses isn’t just important for your infected tooth, it also limits the risk of the infection spreading into adjacent areas of your mouth.

There’s a common misconception that having a root canal completed is painful. Typically, the main issue is the difficulty of numbing these teeth because of their inflamed nerves. We take the extra time to ensure your tooth is thoroughly anesthetised, so that the overall procedure is quite painless.

In Pain? Don’t Suffer!

If you’re in pain or have chronic toothaches, we can get you out of discomfort as quickly as possible. Schedule an exam at Southern Dental Care – Smile By Design today.

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